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David Scanlan

Paranormal Hampshire: True Ghost Stories
David Scanlan

Written by the founder of the Hampshire Ghost Club, here is a chilling selection of paranormal encounters from the area.

Published in a handy A-Z format, here you will find accounts of well-known hauntings, as well as many previously undiscovered locations. The author also attempts to provide fresh knowledge and personal accounts of new and traditional stories.

Join David Scanlan on this ghostly tour of the area, which is also illustrated with his own photographs. Read about the chilling apparition of a dress, which was glimpsed without anyone wearing it, the bloody hands of a mysterious woman who appears to be in some distress, and the eerie sounds of Gregorian chanting in long abandoned places . . .


David Scanlan is the founder of the Hampshire Ghost Club. The public have seen David’s work in action with numerous Radio and TV appearances including Living TV’s popular series Most Haunted.

David was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and currently resides in the small market town of Romsey with his wife and three children.

235 x 165 mm | paperback | 96 pages | 30 illustrations

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