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Daniel Codd

Paranormal Lancashire
Daniel Codd

Could it be that a phantom woman carrying a baby is destined to repeatedly throw herself into the Ribble at West Bradford? Why are so many of Lancashire’s theatres and stately homes plagued by multiple apparitions and phantoms? And what to make of the frequent reports of phantom black dogs, prowling feline animals, Yeti-like creatures and even vampires that occur in this county? From folkloric headless boggarts to modern ghostly encounters and the UFOs ‘hotspots’ of Winter Hill and Rossendale, Daniel Codd has unearthed hundreds of strange tales to capture the imagination and, sometimes, chill the blood.

Researched and compiled from archive sources, although up-to-date and including many contemporary first-hand accounts and contributions from county folk, Paranormal Lancashire is a celebration of all things inexplicable in this part of the northwest that is designed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the odd and unnerving Pendle Witches saga – and remind ourselves that even after four centuries, old beliefs in the supernatural and paranormal die hard. Paranormal Lancashire is the latest addition to Amberley’s covering the whole area of modern Lancashire – a land where every town, city and village hides a paranormal mystery or supernatural legend.

More than a look at ghosts, and including many weird accounts and reports of strange phenomena, Paranormal Lancashire is perhaps the most thought-provoking and comprehensive look at the county’s mysteries to date.


Daniel Codd is a lifelong student of history, criminology, folklore, the out-of-place and the paranormal in Britain, a fascination borne out of a belief that truth (including the possibility of the reality of the supernatural) is endlessly more intriguing than fiction. He has previously written full studies of the supernatural and paranormal in Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Somerset and Bristol, and has contributed articles for Paranormal magazine as well as appearing on BBC Radio programmes.

Paranormal Lancashire developed out of a sincere curiosity with the strange saga of the Pendle Witches and the historical belief in boggarts that has fascinated (and terrified) Lancashire since time immemorial – and the modern equivalents thereof. Daniel is endlessly intrigued by the anecdotes and accounts of ghosts and other phenomena he frequently receives, and is currently compiling these anecdotes, as well as anything else of interest he finds along the way among the archive material he is constantly trawling through. Presently based in Lincolnshire and living in a house by a village road lately (2011) reported to be haunted by a green-faced ghost; he is currently researching British murder cases from the age of the gibbet.

235 x 165 mm | paperback | 128 pages | black and white illustrations throughout

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